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Geophysical surveys

Decoding physical properties of Earth’s crust

Geophysical surveys are undertaken from air, water,or land, and the information is delivered through geospatial applications for analysis and decision support. Once the data from these surveys is processed it can be used across many domains.

  • Oil & gas exploration
  • Mining and search for minerals, including rare earths and radioactive material
  • Measurement of groundwater reserves monitoring hydrologic cycles
  • Preparing height reference systems for creating Geoid models (from estates to nations)

Multiple survey methods

Geophysical surveys are usually conducted through on ground and aerial activity (with tight-drape flight paths).

Depending on the size of the survey area and target of the exploration, different survey methods are deployed)


  • Electrical Conductivity and Resistivity surveys
  • Magnetic surveys
  • Electromagnetic surveys
  • Radiometric surveys
  • Gravity surveys
  • Seismic surveys

Software application and portals:

To enable users to access, interpret, analyze and make decisions, the survey information is combined with other data, and delivered through a geospatial model and interface, using static and 4D (time-lapse) models. This can be accessed through web-based portals or applications that run on mobile devices.