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IIC Academy S-5B Hydrographic Surveyor Program Graduation

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IIC Academy S-5B Hydrographic Surveyor Program Graduation

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IIC Technologies and IIC Academy were very pleased to Graduate all of the students on the IIC Academy S-5B Hydrographic Program in Fremantle on 30 June 2023. The graduation took place at the Fremantle Pilots Authority building and was supported by members of the Western Australian Australasian Hydrographic Society and Geospatial Council of Australia.












The Program delivered 22 weeks of Theoretical Learning via online distance learning methods in 2022 and 22023, then combined for an in-person 7 week Hydrographic Practice and Comprehensive final Field Project in Fremantle, Australia, in May and June 2023.


One of the Course Officers noted on their social media to the S-5B Hydrographic Surveyor Program students “You have worked hard since September last year achieving excellent results. You have been a great team, dedicated to your work and well deserving of your successful graduation!”


A special thanks are also given the for the partners in this delivery notably O2 Metocean and Guardian Geomatics, also Konsberg Marine, Surrich Hydrographics, RN Dredging and Acoustic Imaging.


If you or any of your staff are interested in participating in this program or obtaining more information on this or the IIC Academy IBSC recognised S-8B Nautical Cartographer Program, please PM this account or reach out to

More information is available at


30 June, 23