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Software solution and system integration

Productivity through Innovation

The Innovation Center (IC) at IIC Technologies provides system integration services and software applications that bring actionable geospatial data to the decision makers. This requires integrating the geospatial solutions seamlessly with other enterprise systems like ERP and e-commerce applications, delivering quick returns on the investment in geospatial technology.

Intellectual property comprising products, reusable components, and industry-specific frameworks developed at the Innovation Centre, enable us to deliver customized solutions quicker, with time-tested modules. These innovations apply across industries, including the marine, defense, aviation, heritage and government sectors.

At the core of this capability, is a group of specialized resources with rich domain experience and software engineering expertise. This group works in close collaboration with our multidisciplinary teams and our clients to innovate, design, develop and deploy powerful software applications.

IIC Technologies’ experience with application development, legacy application maintenance, process automation and data dissemination in different environments, including proprietary and open source platforms offers unrivaled flexibility to customers in designing and developing their integrated solutions.




IIC Technologies is a premier partner of Bonitasoft, a leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) application platform. As Bonitasoft Premier Partner, IIC Technologies will gain access to exclusive technical resources, training materials and vendor support which are essential to providing expert-level Bonita BPM integration services. Tapping into the well-known Bonita BPM suite, will allow IIC Technologies to enhance its ability to provide enterprise solutions that facilitate process automation, improve productivity and, ultimately, help achieve better operational results by the end clients.