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IIC S-8B Marine Geospatial Information Training Program Commences

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IIC S-8B Marine Geospatial Information Training Program Commences

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IIC Technologies proudly commenced the IIC Academy S-8B Marine Geospatial Training Program, with the first of three opening ceremonies occurring in Australasia on 4 October 2021.

This is the first time an IBSC* recognised S-8B Nautical Cartographers’ Program has been offered to the general public in Australasia. We also believe this is the first time it has been offered to the general public anywhere in the world, as this is normally only delivered to National Hydrographic Authorities!

Geospatial Training

Over a 22 week period this course will provide attendees with knowledge and skills in marine geospatial foundations; the marine environment including geology, geosphysics, oceanography, meteorology and the law of the sea; data assessment, production and validation; marine spatial data infrastructures; remote sensing; and nautical cartography, including the ability to make Nautical Charts and Electronic Navigational Charts to National Authority standards. This course maximises online delivery to allow the greatest possible flexibility for students.

IIC is pleased to have 18 students attending this course from across the globe including Australia, Denmark, USA and Brazil, requiring three official opening ceremonies in two languages. Students enrolled come from varied backgrounds and with different experiences and skill sets attained within the industry, but all wish to expand their skill sets within their present job roles. The IIC programme offers them this opportunity and brings both tangible benefits as well as opportunities to share experiences within a network of peers, accessing the professional skills of IIC’s experience trainers and educators who will be available 24/7 as the programme progresses. Students will be required to bring together their learned skills to achieve a demanding final project, oversighted directly by the IIC personnel. Demand for enrolment has been high and the student selection will ensure an effective learning experience for this first cohort.

IIC intend to run this course annually commencing in October each year.

* IBSC - International Board on Standards of Competence for Hydrographic Surveyors and Nautical Cartographers


04 Oct, 21