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Hydrographer Australia Visit to IIC York

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Hydrographer Australia Visit to IIC York

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The Australian Hydrographic Office (AHO) has been responsible for providing Australia’s national charting services for 101 years. This function is critical for the maintenance of safety of navigation which is the backbone of the Australian trade and fundamental to the nation’s security. This role requires the provision and update of around 900 electronic nautical charts, a folio of approximately 500 paper charts, and the provision of a variety of associated services in support of maritime safety.

Since 2006 IIC Technologies have supported the AHO in the conduct of that role through the provision of a variety of services, most notably the production and update of electronic and paper charting. Therefore, IIC was very pleased last week to conduct high level discussions with the Hydrographer of Australia Commodore Stewart Dunne, RAN, regarding areas of future support and collaboration, including the AHO’s transition to S100 format electronic charting which will allow advanced functionality, and improved situational awareness and safety for mariners.

Included in the day of discussions was the ceremonial signing of a new contract that will see IIC provide specialist services to the AHO. This work will entail production by a new team established in IIC’s York office, and then the transition of capability from York into Australia in the coming 3-5 years.


Hydrographer Australia CDRE Stewart Dunne and IIC Chairman Raj Alla shake hands with after signing the new contract.


08 Apr, 22